What is Imago Relationship Therapy?

Imago Relationship Therapy What is Imago Relationship Therapy?

It is simple but powerful approach that is based on the Imago Relationship Theory developed by Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt and chronicled in their Best Selling Books:

Getting The Love You Want; Keeping The Love You Find; Receiving Love and many more.

Oprah chooses Imago in her “Top 20 Shows” list Oprah Winfrey included "Imago Theory" in her list of "Unforgettable! Oprah’s Top 20 Shows" in a feature celebrating 20 years of the Oprah TV show. Oprah talks about her introduction to Imago through Harville Hendrix, and how it changed her view of relationships. —O Magazine, October 2005

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In Oprah's newly released book Live Your Best Life she states in the "Marriage Repair Kit" chapter, that is devoted solely to explaining the benefits of the Imago Relationship Therapeutic fundamentals;

"A conscious, honest relationship can restore your sense of aliveness and wholeness and set you on the path of real love."