Why Should I Go?

Why is it worth my spending the time, cost, and emotional investment of working with Ellen Bobruff-Reese learning Imago Relationship therapy?

First, you should know that if you do not go to counseling, the average divorce ranges from a low of $20,000 to a fully contested divorce costing up to $250,000. You will both need to meet during daytime hours and if children are involved the emotional cost just keeps on growing.

You will have to parent your children whether you go on to divorce or not. You will have to come to some kind of emotionally healthy parenting relationship if you have your children’s best interests at heart. This means learning to communicate in a healthy manner and resolve conflict in a healthy way for their sake as well.

Furthermore, while it is well known that over 50% of first marriages fail, most people do not know that there is an even higher failure rate for second marriages, if the partners have not been through good relationship counseling to learn healthy relationship skills. The median length of a first marriage is 7.8 years for men and 7.9 years for women. The median length of second marriages that end in divorce is even shorter.

Imago Relationship Therapy is an extremely effective approach developed by Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt and originally developed in their first of many Best Selling books including Getting the Love You Want and Keeping the Love You Find Receiving Love , just to name a few.

Oprah Chose one of her shows which Featured Imago as Being one of her “UnforgettableTop 20 Shows” List in a Special Covering 20 Years of The Oprah Winery Show. During the special, Oprah spoke about how Imago had personally affected her perspective of relationships. Imago therapy has also been mentioned and endorsed in Oprah Winfrey’s latest book

What I offer as highly skilled ImagoTherapist , who has also studied many other modalities is Both an Atmosphere of Safety and Non-Judgement and a Plan of Action for every Couple and every Client regardless of the issues you want my help with.